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Our Story

 100% Freshly Cold-pressed "Olive Juice" 

The Fresher, the Healthier, the Better

Over two decades ago, a group of young Australians planted their dreams in the central Victoria, the Greater Bendigo region. With years of hard work, investment, love and care, we now have 15,000 olive trees which have started yielding fruits. Virgin Green is proud to represent one of the freshest and finest Extra Virgin Olive Oils in Australian.

Goornong Estate - Our Olive Orchard

Nested in the Greater Bendigo region of Victoria, possesses 107 acres of rich farmland. Over a two decades ago, a group of young Australians planted their dreams on this land, with years of hard work and investment, this estate now has well established facilities and over 12,500 olive trees which have started yielding fruits. Goornong Estate represents one of the freshest and finest extra virgin olive oils in Australia. Blessed by Central Victoria's Mediterranean climate, our extra virgin olive oils feature a crisp, distinctive taste of freshness and fruity aromas.

Summerfield Estate

Beautifully presented in the eastern side of Mornington Peninsula, along with our Summerfields Estate country house. It has the most desirable varieties, Paragon, Manzanillo and Nevadillo Blanco. A limited volume of premium quality fine extra virgin olive oil is produced from Summerfields  Estate each year.

Produced with Passion & Expertise

The production process is fulfilled with modern technology, experience and our passion for quality. Each year, a series of pre-harvest tests are conducted on our olive fruits by a NATA accredited laboratory, in order to achieve the optimal amount of oil relevant to the best oil character. Experience also plays a vital role in the production of premium oils. To bring out either complex, peppery, grassy flavours or a softer, fruity, mild flavour, depending on the different harvest timing and method. For the best balance of flavours, our olives are freshly cold pressed with by a modern processing plant, with careful monitoring of processing temperature. Our passion and effort are rewarded by an exceedingly low fatty acid (less than 0.2%) in our oils, while the industry standard for extra virgin olive oil is less than 0.8%. 

Pursuit of Ultimate

Our premium extra virgin olive oil is crafted from our quality estate-grown Kalamata and Frantoio olives, which are freshly cold-pressed and extracted with a few hours of harvest, to ensure the oil's remarkable health benefits, flavour and freshness are maximised and preserved. It's simply the best with the lowest acidity amongst the varieties. We only offer oil from the most recent harvest year to ensure you get great flavour and goodness for your health.